It's more

than getting from A to B



In 2009, Brüning Logistik GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Brüning-Holding GmbH. With the new company, transport orders should be better combined and it should also be possible to accept external logistics orders.

Today, Brüning Logistik GmbH, as the brand Brüning Logistics, specialises in the Germany- and Europe-wide transport of bulk raw materials and has its own fleet with a total of 40 walking floors according to the latest technical standards.

As a walking-floor forwarder, we are proven experts in the transport of bulk goods of all kinds. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can draw on a great deal of know-how in this area, which we put to the test every day. As a company certified in accordance with the Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management, we also have excellent knowledge in the field of waste transport. The transport of waste that does not require monitoring in accordance with § 53 of the Circular Economy Act is one of our top tasks.



When it comes to environmental protection and sustainability, there is certainly still a lot that can be done in the logistics sector. A good and important step from our point of view is the certification according to ISO 14001, which requires complete documentation and regular external audits. We also try to optimise our structures and processes so that we work in the most environmentally friendly and resource-saving way possible. Of course, this represents a continuous improvement process.

However, we have already been able to make some adjustments. For example, CO2 emissions can be reduced through detailed planning, which avoids empty transport kilometres. An anticipatory and thus fuel-saving driving style has an equally positive effect. One of our next projects, the “paperless driver cab”, is already being planned and should be implemented soon. Here, all papers, forms, etc. are digitised and will be available to drivers on their mobile phones or tablets.



In addition to ISO 14001 certification, we also hold the certificate in accordance with the Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management (EfB). With this, we document our authority and our competence to be able to transport and market waste materials professionally. Through regular neutral audits, we ensure for our customers and business partners that we comply with the required guidelines at all times.