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We are your partner for Europe-wide bulk material transports. If you need walking floor vehicles or roll-off containers, we will be pleased to help you.

Thanks to our cooperation with up to 2000 reliable forwarding companies throughout Europe, we can offer a comprehensive service package, especially in the bulk goods sector.

Walking floors


Our walking floor trailers are versatile and suitable for the transport of loose and light goods up to voluminous palletised goods. The floor of the trailer consists of movable slats that interlock without gaps.

The slats are hydraulically driven so that the load can be moved forwards or backwards. Durch diese innovative Technologie werden der Transport und das Entladen entscheidend vereinfacht und erheblich komfortabler.

Our walking floor vehicles have a load volume of up to 92 cubic metres. A rollable tarpaulin cover makes it easy to load with a crane or wheel loader. In addition, the trailer does not have to be tilted, which allows safe unloading in low halls or on soft surfaces.